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DVD Cover:

The jungle is a jinx for TARZ & JANE, CHEETA & BOY when the fearless but overweight King of the Jungle gets his manhood bitten off. Yup, after climbing down the aluminum ladder from his tree house and losing a wrestling match with Cheeta the Obnoxious Ape (played by a guy in one of the world?s worst gorilla suits), Tarz attacks a menacing croc who makes off with his member, Ouch!

Naturally, Jane is terribly upset. Especially since she?s horny as hell and isn?t satisfied with Boy, a dim-witted dork who stopped being a boy years ago: "Boy is fastest gun in the jungle!" So Boy suggests they visit the mysterious Wango-Wango tribe whose sexual magic might make Tarz a man again, Aided by Wanda, a Great White Huntress played by notorious adult-film star Georgina Spelvin, they venture to the land of the Wango-Wango to get Tarz a new tool in this outrageously dumb dirty-joke of a jungle film ....

Over in the next jungle. you?ll find TARZUN AND THE VALLEY OF LUST - a "Storefront-Theater" classic - in which a younger, more virile Jungle Man does battle with an even worse-looking man-in-monkey-suit before lowering the loin-cloth for both Jayne, his platinum-blonde squeeze, and Meena. a jungle goddess who succors Tarzun?s groin after the klutz swings smack into the trunk of a tree....
Obviously, Edgar Rice Burroughs these ain?t.


Digitally Remastered!

* Orginal Theatrical Trailer for TARZ & JANE, CHEETAH & BOY
* Bonus Jungle Trailers for: Congo Crossing, Daughter of the Sun God, Prisoners of the Jungle, Tarzana The Wild Girl, Virgin Sacrifice and Voodoo Village!
* Jungle-Approved Scopitone Musical Short#1: Africa A GO-GO!
* Politically Incorrect Jungle Short #2: African Frenzy!
* A Gorilla goes gaga for a Stripper in Burlesque Short #4: Gorilla and the Maiden!
* A Glamour-Girl turns Jungle-Wildcat in Goofy Short #5: Diana the Huntress
* EXTRA: Shipwrecked on what theythink is a deserted island, an ALL-Girl Orchestra encounters the famous Jungle Man?s son in the 45 minute Manuel S. Conde featurette Karzin in Cuba, a 1960 obscurity smuggled out of Cuba in less-than-perfect condition but still a joy to behold!
* Gallery of Harry Novak Exploitation Art with Soundtrack Greatest Hits!
* Gallery of Harry Novak Exploitation Photos!

More info:


Tarz and Jane and Boy and Cheeta (1976)

Directed by: Hans Johnson

Writing credits: D.C. Moore

Genre: Comedy

Keywords from IMDB: Sex, Independent Film, Softcore, Tarzan, Something Weird Video

Tagline: Life in the Jungle Has Really Changed!

User Rating: ********__ 7.9/10 (7 votes)

Complete credited cast:
Patrick M. Wright .... Tarz (as Silver Foxx)
Tallie Cochrane .... Cynthia/Jane
Georgina Spelvin .... Wanda, the explorer
Uncle Tom .... Dick, the boy

Also Known As:
Tarz & Jane & Boy & Cheetah (USA) (alternative spelling)
Tarz and Jane and Cheeta (USA)
Runtime: 80 min
Country: USA
Language: English
Color: Color
Sound Mix: Mono
Certification: USA:X (self applied)


Tarzun and the Valley of Lust (1970)

Directed by: W.P. Mogul

Genre: Adventure / Comedy

Keywords from IMDB: Character Name In Title, Sex, Independent Film, Nudity, Softcore, Tarzan, Spoof, Something Weird Video

User Comments: An ex-rated George of the Jungle... (more)

User Rating: ****______ 3.9/10 (8 votes)

Credited cast:
Duane Prodd .... Tarzun
Chris Robin .... Jayne
Deedee .... Meena
Al Martin .... The Ape

Country: USA
Language: English
Color: Color


Source: DVD-9 (NTSC)
XviD: 2-pass, high quality (1300 kbps or more)
MP3: 128 kbps, 48000Hz, 2 channel, CBR
Framerate: 23.976 or 29.971 FPS
Resolution: 640x464 (approx for each)
Language: English
Subs: None

All extras listed above included. Images in PNG format instead of BMP to save room (but not save quality). Standalone DivX Player compatible (Philips 642, etc).
Size:2.34 GB
Uploader:Unverified. You can upload this torrent to verify it and claim it for your own collection.
Info Hash:f7d1a4a38432ce3f021d237b56e31cb1e2c49da3
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